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pullquoteMultiBuild offer a range of services from concept design and manufacture to site installation and commissioning of all types of buildings for all types of sectors, all constructed off site in our factory controlled facility. We also offer a full Utilities service Electricity, Gas, Water and Telecoms through our Utilities Company Multi Utility UK. In addition to our versatility and vast experience there are huge benefits to commissioning a modular building solution………….

Optimum quality is assured as modular construction enables the design and build of perfect structures, under ideal working conditions, in purpose built manufacturing facilities. Production is controlled in a quality environment therefore quality, speed and cost is controlled. MultiBuild are a ISO 9001:2008 Quality management system accredited company.

Cost savings
Cost savings with modular construction can be hugely significant. Prices for materials, labour and delivery are guaranteed. Cost savings are easily attained with reduced construction time.
Design & build
Technological advances have now made it possible to design any style of modular facility to meet demands of an increasingly sophisticated client base. No longer built exclusively of wood, modular buildings can also be constructed using rigid steel and concrete systems.

The aesthetic quality and appeal of modular construction matches that of most conventional buildings, and can now be built with the same finish materials found in conventional buildings. This allows modular buildings to match existing structures in appearance or provide an attractive stand alone facility. Our buildings have the look and feel of traditionally built construction.

Time savings
Another major advantage is time saving. Modular construction is a two phase process that allows on and off-site construction simultaneously. While the building is being constructed off-site in a controlled factory environment, necessary site works take place. When compared to traditional building, modular construction takes about half the time.

Perhaps the greatest advantage offered by modular construction is, each facility, whether it’s 800 or 80,000 square feet can be relocated from one site to another with minimal disruption.


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