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Our continuous improvement policy

Proactive flexible specialist Modular Building solutions and construction from MultiBuild deliver relationships which: rrtings

Give significant added value
Are long term
Are based on mutual understanding

We intend that these realtionships will provide rrtingsCustomers time to focus on what is important to them
The certainty that the project will be completed to their complete satisfaction
The enjoyment of success

To achieve this we have adopted a policy of continuous improvement, which is completely integrated with the MultiBuild business process, the company’s ethos for opportunity identification, tendering, winning and delivering seamlessly.

We must seek to innovate in collaboration with our customers; Innovation leads to greater quality and in turn to ever increasing levels of customer service and satisfaction. We need to deliver an ever-increasing level of productivity and efficiency.

The desire to deliver the highest standards is not sufficient. It needs to be sustained by measurement. We need to assess our progress against a series of indicators and work continually to improve our position.


Understand the needs and desires of our customers ever more closely


By talking to our customers and feeding back the information internally discussions and seminars
By carrying out post contract reviews of projects undertaken.

Provide a better and more comprehensive service which matches the desires of our customers ever more closely by continually reinvesting in people, plant and technology.


Understanding the needs and pressures on our direct and indirect customers leads us to move to expand the depth and range of recourses available to them by continually investing in our business.

Getting things done right first time, safely


By well documented and implemented quality and safety control systems.
By doing as well as just saying.
By effective planning.

By maximising lead in times
By allocating the correct level of resource.
By caring continually combined with plain hard work.

Deliver ever-increasing value for money


By forming strategic partnerships with our major suppliers aimed at adding value by reducing misunderstandings, transaction costs, delivery times and increasing our ability to communicate.

By forming strategic partnerships with major manufacturers and our suppliers aimed at:

Increasing quality of products purchased
Reducing environmental impact of product
Improving product design
Improving communications

By driving down our costs by:

Employing good people and motivating them well
Good Management
Continual reappraisal of our activities
Tight cost control of all our activities on a timely and urgent basis
Buying in the best market

Paying our bills on time and trying to negotiate commercial discounts
Employing the latest technology
Owning all our own plant and access equipment so we do not incur third party costs.
Employing all our own in house operatives in all trades i.e. M&E, and joinery.
Being lean and fit.

Meet or exceed an ever improving set of standards


The safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) department under the guidance of our safety systems Director continually monitor the industry standards required for both formally within ISO 9001 and informally using the press.
We also monitor safety standards and wider company legislation such as fairness at work legislation.
We also subscribe to external bodies such as construction line (CHAS) and our external safety advisors who provide a forum for discussion and dissemination of information.

Employ only suitably qualified people and train them in an ongoing and structured way to meet the ever increasing demands of the market place and our clients exacting standards.


We offer the best career path and rewards in the industry and so can recruit and attract the best people in the industry. We ensure that what they tell us when we recruit them is correct.
We identify training needs both in a formal way under QA and informally and instigate appropriate training courses to meet those needs.

Find New and Innovative materials


Using our strategic partnerships with suppliers and manufacturers we continually look for new ideas and translate them and introduce them into the market place.

Introduce new methods and technical developments, which will benefit customers


We seek to meet as early as possible in project cycles in order that we can deploy best value and value engineering techniques.

Exchange best practice with our customers, supply chain partners and throughout our organisation so that our standards continually improve.


Using focus groups from the industry areas in which we are active we exchange information on best practice


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