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Our Environmental Committment

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MultiBuild, as part of the The Cameron Corporation Group is committed to sustainability through its energy-saving and environmental programme. Our modular construction methods and buildings help to reduce energy and resource use, minimise waste and cut carbon emissions. In addition, we work hard to protect the environment through our own operations.

Environmental management system
We have gained recognition for our high standards of environmental management and commitment to ongoing environmental responsibility and are currently working towards accreditation to the ISO 14001 international standard.

Across our manufacturing, office and Hire Centre sites we carry out detailed energy monitoring so we can keep energy use under control and introduce more efficient practices wherever possible.
After improving the management of waste by integrating waste streaming and segregation across the Huntington site, The Group achieved the goal of zero waste to landfill in January 2012. Any non-recyclable waste is now being incinerated for power generation.

Pioneering commitment to sustainable construction
The Cameron Corporation Group is the first modular building company to commit to meeting the challenges set out in the traditional construction industry Major Contractors Group Sustainability Charter. Intensive training has been carried out to raise awareness among all employees of the need to reduce waste and energy consumption across the business.

Supplier engagement
A formal assessment of its top 20 suppliers’ environmental performance has been achieved and next year’s target is to further improve on this work. The rating for The Group, against the criteria set by the Business in the Community Environmental Index, improved from 53% in 2011 to 93% in 2012.

Specification decisions to help reduce carbon emissions

1. Air Leakage | Reduction of air leakage therefore improving energy efficiency.
2. The Building Process | Off site construction perform in excess of building regulations.
3. The Type of Building System | Steel-framed modular systems can minimize thermal bridges and make buildings easier to heat.
4. The Impact of the Construction Method on the Environment | It is reported up to 67 per cent less energy is required to produce a modular building.
5. Transportation | Off-site construction can generate up to 90 per cent fewer vehicle movements to site.
6. How can Waste be Minimized? | Off-site construction can generate up to 80 per cent less waste compared to site-based building
7. Factory versus Work on Site | A factory has a better infrastructure than a construction site, and all aspects of the construction can be better controlled.
8. How Much Waste is Recycled? | In a controlled factory environment, segregation for recycling at source is much easier than on a building site.
9. How is Whole Life Costing Used? | Whole Life Costing is now a requirement for all public-sector building contracts, and PFI and PPP schemes. It is also central to sustainable development. This is a powerful software tool that can assess the impact of specification decisions on capital cost, energy consumption, carbon emissions and running costs over the life cycle of a building to produce the most sustainable design solution for each project.

Sustainable design options enhance the environmental performance of your modular building

MultuBuild offer a range of design options to help improve the sustainable performance of your modular or portable buildings. These sustainable systems have been selected by MultiBuild and the Cameron Corporation to offer significant environmental benefits, providing access to renewable energy sources, reduced energy consumption and lower carbon emissions.

The sustainable design options available include:

Solar thermal heating | Solar photovoltaics | Passive ventilation | Combined heat and power systems | Ground source heat pumps | Wind power | Green roofs | Biomass boilers

MultiBuild are always working hard to ensure we are to completely up date to date with all industry standards and accreditations, and aware of any developments and documentation which may enable us to further improve any aspect of our construction process. Please also click the titles to view our ‘Standards & accreditations’ & ‘continious improvement policy’ pages in the ‘about’ section of our site.


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